eToro 1.4

A trading market game you can play for fun or for real money


  • Fully documented
  • Includes a built-in chat client


  • It's complicated at the beginning
  • Be careful when playing with real money

Very good
eToro is not a bullfighting game, although this is the impression you get from its name. In fact, it's a game about trading foreign currencies and making money out of it.

You can play eToro just for fun or for real money. In both cases, transaction values are authentic and obtained live from stock markets. However, we strongly recommend you to practice a little bit before putting your money into any real risk.

The game looks really complicated at first sight, but fortunately it includes a complete Help area with highly detailed tutorials. I particularly like having an embedded chat client to hang out with other traders while you wait for the right moment to buy or sell.

eToro enables you to learn the basics of Forex trading and make some real money.

Welcome to the Future of Forex trading. No more complicated charts, unfriendly platforms and confusing language! We have created the worlds first intuitive trading platform.

eToro offers the most exciting online Forex trading platform. It enables you to develop your skills using real market rates and win cash prizes in our free competitions. Meet and chat with other traders from allover the world in private or in public. With eToro you can trade Forex for free or for real money in a secure, user friendly and real-time environment.

User reviews about eToro

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